Support Your Local Maker Faire!

This year Gizmo-CdA, North Idaho College, the University of Idaho and the Community Library Network are sponsoring the First Annual Maker Faire on the North Idaho College campus, on July 13th. We would like to partner with you to help provide greater opportunities for people to come together and share their passion and knowledge about what they do. This one-day family event will be more than demonstrations. There will be hands-on activities for people of all ages and experiences to try. Always wanted to weld or get your hands muddy with clay, create your first circuit or print on fabric, eat outrageous ice cream or stretch the envelope of exploring in space, then be part of this extravaganza.

For years, in Coeur d’ Alene we have talked about the new driver of the economy being technology. We at Gizmo agree that technology is ONE of the key components, yet see a broader definition that aligns more with the Aspen Institute, “that the economy which will support growth and expansion of a community is the Creative Economy.” This economy includes all the cultural and creative industries, including arts, crafts, design, fashion, food, music, theatre, and technology.

Your sponsorship will allow an extraordinary pool of talented people living in North Idaho to be in the public eye sharing their expertise. Many of them are working on unusual projects, displaying skill sets that will help support the economic growth in our community. In many ways, that is what a makerspace like Gizmo does, it grows the pool of talent and gives them a place to develop the skills that they need to turn their great ideas into reality. The Coeur d’ Alene Maker Faire is an avenue for the community to see the potential of the innovation and creativity that exists here.

We believe that your company would be an ideal Partner for this event because we both share a belief in doing quality work and connecting with our community. We are seeking community partners who can see that in the future we need a pipeline of people who are creative and can not only come up with an idea, they also have the skillsets to make those ideas real. The Maker Faire will be a guide to finding some of the most accomplished and passionate artisans, engineers, manufacturers, builders and generators of great ideas in the area. Join us in supporting the current and future innovators and creators. Like you, they are the future of our community.

Be part of something spectacular, please support Coeur d’ Alene’s First Annual Maker Faire.

Warm regards,
Barbara Pleason Mueller
Executive Director, Gizmo-Cda, Coeur d’ Alene Maker Faire